Cuboid Reality

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CUBOID is surrounded by a spandex fabric that is pleasant to touch and push into. This encourages interactivity and creates points of communal and intimate connections. The square points of conductive audio fabric contact create focused portals to the dancer through the fabric membrane.

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The symphony

CUBOID has a total of 6 audio sensors that are discovered while touching the fabric. Made of conductive fabric and thread, they resonate a never-ending sound that encourages pushing the fabric in, increasing chances of connection with Pear Soma dancer inside. These physical moments test patience and emotional states of waiting for connection while contributing to a communal creation of ephemeral space, much like social media platforms.


The Anticipation

As you explore CUBOID, you await potential interactive moments with Pear Soma. Similarly, Pear Soma anticipates you to push into her world, inviting her to interact with you. The moment of waiting through the interface of the membrane reminds us of how we reach out on our own various digital platforms to digital avatars of personas residing within them.