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who am i?


Step into an interactive dance performance embodying the symbiotic conversation between physical / digital realities of an interface.



CUBOID.LIVE is showing at Seattle Interactive Conference in Seattle, October 17-18, 2019.

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The mesmerizing soundscape felt like being on another planet.
— Anita Czuki
The soft membrane was entrancing to caress. Stumbling upon the audio sensors amidst it was an empowering moment of communal creation.
— Danu Pradinskaya
Experiencing my finger touching the phone screen and then touching the fabric; when the dancer touched back, it felt somehow grounding amidst the chaos of all the input.
— Doris Bruk
I was at my computer with headphones on, clicking away on emojis — it was like controlling another world; I was a puppeteer of the digital realm, fighting for power with all the other users.
— Ryan Curdyn


Digital meets physical

Lighting changes based on “emoji reaction” commentary controlled through the Facebook Live stream, infusing an immediate emotional state & changing the dancing rhythms. On site, audience members only witness moving silhouettes from the outside, however, are encouraged to tune in on their phone, allowing a disjointed peek inside. Touching the material is encouraged. As the material is stretched inwards, the dancer adjusts movements of her phrase based on where walls are pressed, creating connection despite, or because of, the membranous boundary.


On the Boards Performance

April 24, 2019


6 sensors

There is a small square of conductive sensor fabric on each side of Cuboid. 2 on each long side, and 1 on the short sides. When touched, the sensor activates an everlasting sound, adding to a unique communally composed symphony surrounding the atmosphere of Cuboid.