Live Feed


The Pear Soma

Within cuboid LIVES Pear soma. she wears a mask of reflections. she is a shadow on the inside and the ouside - asleep until cuboid comes to life through the facebook live feed. pear turns on cuboid, her world. Lighting moods change based on “emoji REACTION” commentary controlled through the Facebook Live stream, infusing an immediate emotional state of CUBOID. THIS changES her dancing rhythms and interactivity with the walls. On site, audience members only witness moving silhouettes from the outside, however, are encouraged to tune in on their phone, allowing a disjointed peek inside. Touching the material is encouraged. As the material is stretched inwards, PEAR SOMA adjusts movements of her phrase based on where walls are pressed, creating connection despite, or because of, the membranous boundary.


The Dance

Pear soma moves based on etudes developed by vsevolod meyerhold in a series of russian biomechanics techniques that powered russian theatrics in the 1920s. Biomechanics philosophy is rooted in the idea that an acting system relies on physical motion rather than language or illusion to drive emotion. This emphasizes that certain repetitive body movements can create and influence mentalstates, much like our repetitive motions in how we interface with our digital platforms and daily habits and routines ultimately affect our mental states and “performance” of our lives. As pear soma is influenced by digital colorscapes, she goes about her etudes, stopping at times to interact with external forces. She cannot interact and react with/to all the constant stimulus. the motions are influenced by the colors, creating emotional baselines of how she then interacts with passerbys pressing into the fabic. she struggles to complete her “assigned” etudes as the digital and physical realms compete for her attention - physically and emotionally.


Original Video can be found here.